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Stephen’s Ministers

Has your life turned upside down?

Are there new concerns in your busy life?

For those of you who are new to our church family, or are currently experiencing a time of difficulty, we would like to acquaint you with the Stephen’s Minister program. Stephen’s Ministers are congregation members who have 50+ hours of training to provide one-on-one caring Christian friendship and concerned listening to persons in crisis or with other needs for care. A Stephen’s Minister’s goal is to help the care recipient resolve the difficulty he or she is facing and to achieve growth.

Stephen’s Ministers are taught to listen as people talk about their situation. They are asked to help a care recipient to recognize, express, and accept his or her feelings. It is not the Stephen’s Minister’s role to “fix” the care receiver or the problem, but to focus on the process of care giving and rely on God to achieve results.

If you feel that a Stephen’s Minister would be helpful to you, please contact Pastor DeBlock or the church office, 785-5575. One of the leaders will contact you to explain the program, and will match you with a Stephen’s Minister should you request support. All services provided by Stephen’s Ministers are confidential and the caregivers are trained to assist in a professional and strictly confidential manner.

Some areas that Stephen’s Ministers are trained to address are: grief, bereavement, illness, divorce, hospitalization, loneliness, spouse or parent of a person in crisis, job loss, or depression.

God created us to care for and to be cared for by others. Our goal as Stephen’s Ministers is to practice the Gospel. Remember, we are just a phone call away.

To ensure confidentiality of our services, please arrange contacts through Reverend Scott DeBlock at (518) 785-5575