Final Sesssion of Summer Sunday School This Week

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The sixth and final week of Summer Sunday School on August 13 will focus on Balaam and the Lord’s Messenger as told in Numbers 22:22-35.

Haven’t we all been in situations when we’ve found ourselves to be blind to what turned out to be right in front of us?  Whether it’s searching for a lost set of keys or making one of life’s big decisions, we can be unaware of something that later we realize was in plain view.  Ity is just such times, in our frustration and confusion, that we discover our need to depend on others’ help.

Sunday’s lesson tells the story of such a situation, a story about a man named Balaam who must depend on his donkey, of all things, to see clearly.  This is an invitation to consider when we need to ask for help, what that’s like and perhaps how we might be used by God to help someone in a time of confusion.

Students ages 4 through high school are invited to join the summer Sunday School class in Room 103/104 following the Children’s Sermon.


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