Welcome Back to Sunday School!

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Sunday School re-opened for the Fall session on September 9 and we’re so glad to see the children and their families back for a new year of fun and learning about our place in God’s wonderful world!

The Kindergarten/Grade 1 Sunday School class began the session by learning more about Noah’s Ark.  In addition to hearing the bible story, they made masks of the animals that boarded the ark.  The ark itself was created by lining up their chairs and the “animals” re-enacted the story by boarding the “ark” two by two.  Thank you to teachers Tiffanie Wood and Janel Mirel for making the story come alive for the children!

Other classes are learning about God’s Creation of the beautiful world we see all around us – the day and the night, the sea and the sky, the plants and the animals!  Just another reminder that God is Good!




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