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“No matter who we are or how ingenious or successful we may be, we can’t work hard enough to earn more time. We can’t buy more time. And we can’t  control time, which might be the hardest reality of all to accept. For control is what we long for…As we will see, we often experience our lives as divided. Feeling pulled in a thousand different directions, we wonder if a sense of balance and harmony is possible. We long for an elusive wholeness. And I believe that wholeness is more essential to who we are than our neuron-firing brains and our beating hearts.”

This is from the introduction of Wholeheartedness: busyness, exhaustion, and healing the divided self by Chuck DeGroat. We will be spending several weeks this summer walking through this book together. We will meet almost every Monday at 7pm, beginning on June 12th, in the Lounge. Please contact Pastor Jason if you have questions or would like to attend the study.




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