Pastor Jason and Jennifer Arrive Safely!

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Reverend Jason Fulkerson and his wife, Jennifer moved into their new home in the Parsonage of the Niskayuna Reformed Church on Saturday, February 6!  We can’t say it was without a hitch because there were some tense moments with tire problems on the U-Haul, but the Lord was with them and they arrived a little late, but safely with their dog, Molly, Jason’s parents and Jennifer’s best friend, Anna making up the caravan from Interlaken.  They were welcomed by a contingent of able-bodied NRC men and women to carry in the boxes and furniture.  That all went well except for one box spring mattress that wouldn’t make up the staircase … a solution for that problem is in the making and should be resolved soon.

They’ll spend this week trying to remember where everything is in their boxes so they can get settled in.  The parsonage greeted them with freshly painted walls in all the rooms and even the closets and woodwork! Kitchen cabinets and appliances were all cleaned and polished.  Windows were sparkling; floors were all vacuumed, cleaned, waxed.  The staircase was brought back to its former beauty; bathrooms and electrical outlets were upgraded and plumbing was attended to.  See the short photo tour…

All of us at the NRC wish them many years of happiness and contentment in their new home!


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