Christian Education Committee

Committee Members: Paula Gaul, Lauren Goudine, Adrean Kreig, Tony Pechulis, Christina Pustay, Maureen Rizzi, Monica Tryon (may be others)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a variety of opportunities for Christian education for our congregation, enabling all to carry out God’s work as well as the mission of our church.

General Areas of Responsibility

To teach Christian education to youth, teaching and/or providing Christian education to adults and the entire congregation.

Specific Responsibilities:


Responsibility for Sunday school students and communication with volunteers, parents, Consistory, Administration and the Pastor


Adult education, youth group and curriculum development

  • Adult Bible Study
  • Budget for Christian Education program, including curriculum research and purchase
  • Communion Class (conduct the 3-hour workshop); youth Communion Sunday service with Consistory member
    Confirmation Class (one or multiple classes of students)
  • New membership class
  • Outreach activities during the year to shut-ins – holiday cards, Easter cards, etc.
  • Recruitment and training of new committee members to serve as teachers, youth group leaders and adult education facilitators
  • Service Education projects, such as Advent projects
  • Support Christian life through engagement of youth in Church functions, flea market, fundraisers, etc.
    Worship services for Christmas Eve Children’s program, Easter Sunrise Services, youth worship service for Communion and Confirmation Sundays, and Children’s Day

BUDGET – $1500 for curriculum, bibles for kindergarten and grade 4; craft and Sunday school supplies for Advent wreaths, Easter baskets, construction paper, Children’s Day food, etc.


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