Christian Education Committee

Christian Education at Niskayuna Reformed Church

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a variety of opportunities for Christian education for our congregation, enabling all to carry out God’s work as well as the mission of our church.

General Areas of Responsibility

To provide Christian education for our children and youth, as well as providing Christian education opportunities for adults and the entire congregation.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provide weekly Sunday School for children in grades Pre-K through High School from September through mid-June
  • Recruitment and training of Sunday School teachers, assistants, superintendents, youth group leaders and adult education facilitators
  • Consider providing Summer Sunday School for approximately 6 weeks during June & July
  • Annually review curriculum used in each part of the program
  • Provide an annual First Communion class (3-hour workshop) for children in grade 3 and above
  • Plan and execute an annual Youth Communion Sunday service with consistory members
  • Provide an annual Confirmation class for students in grade 9 or above
  • Outreach activities by Sunday School students to shut-ins at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, etc.
  • Service Education projects, such as Advent projects
  • Children’s Christmas Eve Worship program
  • Easter Sunrise Service
  • Youth Worship service for Communion and Confirmation Sundays
  • End of year Children’s Day program and picnic
  • Provide youth group program either at NRC or in conjunction with nearby RCA congregation(s)
  • Support Christian life through engagement of youth in Church functions such as flea market, antique show and other fundraisers
  • Provide Christian Education opportunities for adults through Bible Study, Book Studies, seminars and other formats
  • Provide a new member class at least twice per year

Christian Education Committee Members:

Sabrina Squires (Director), Lizbeth Amorelli, Mary Counsell, Lauren Goudine, Michele Kopp, Adrean Kreig, Trudy Lehner, Carol Neugebauer, Suzi O’Brien, Tony Pechulis, Chad Pezzano, Christina Pustay, Maureen Rizzi, Tiffani Wood, and others.

Sunday School Enrollment

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