Congregational Care Committee

Mission Statement

To care for the Niskayuna Reformed Church family with compassion when there is a need. Just as Jesus loved His disciples, we are to love one another in His holy name. Our journey of faith is expressed in each act of loving care.

Opportunities include:

· Maintain a Visitation List of members who are elderly, homebound or in care facilities

· Provide a list of volunteers of members able to provide meals, rides, or respite care for caregivers

· Serve communion to shut-ins, elderly and those in care facilities

· Mail cards to members of the congregation during times of illness, grief or celebration

· Maintain a prayer chain

· Provide weekly Sunday sermons on our website

· Christmas caroling at care facilities

· Day retreats for men and women

· Working in conjunction with the Women’s Fellowship Group, the following activities brighten the day for others: making cookies, creating cards, assembling gift bags. All are delivered or sent on special days during the year to those on the Visitation List.

Anyone interested in participating in the Congregational Care Committee is welcome to join us. Meetings are called on an as needed basis. For information, please contact the Office Manager at NRC. We welcome your ideas and assistance.

Consistory Co-Chair: Janel MIrel

Non-Consistory Co-Chair: Barbara Valenti


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