Elder Delegates to Classis

Mission Statement

Elder delegates to the Classis of Schenectady represent the voice of the congregation and Consistory of their home church, and serve to vote on agenda items presented to the Classis. Their mission is to serve with honesty and integrity in conducting or furthering the business and interests of the home church wherein such interests promote opportunity for worship, friendship, personal growth and service.

Stated Purpose

The Consistory is the governing body of the Niskayuna Reformed Church. It is comprised of eight Elders and eight Deacons who have been ordained to that office , after being elected by the congregation. Traditionally, the Elders are concerned with the spiritual oversight of the church and the Deacons with service aspects. Together they share all the responsibilities of guiding the church in its work and ministry.

At least one Elder from Consistory or the Greater Consistory (as determined by the by-laws of the Classis) and the minister are delegates to the Classis the next highest judiciary in the governmental structure of the Reformed Church in America. The higher judiciaries are the Regional Synod and the General Synod. Niskayuna Reformed Church is a member of the Classis of Schenectady (which meets three times a year) and the Albany Regional Synod. The General Synod is the highest governing body and meets once a year. Elder delegates may accept nominations to represent the Classis of Schenectady at Regional Synod and General Synod meetings.

General Areas of Responsibility

Attend formal sessions of the Classis of Schenectady and ad hoc meetings of sub-committees of that body throughout the year, as required.

Specific Responsibilities

Delegates have voting power at formal assemblies of Classis and as such are to serve with honesty and integrity in conducting or furthering the business and interests of Niskayuna Reformed Church. They receive documents (meeting minutes, agenda, and formal items) at Classis meetings and may be called upon to attend special sessions throughout the year. They are amenable to the Consistory of Niskayuna Reformed Church, and to ensure information is properly communicated to the Consistory as to make the body aware of any matters of concern or goyernance affecting the church, and to represent the Consistory of Niskayuna Reformed Church on matters escalated to the Classis of Schenectady.


There are no regularly assigned weekly duties.


Attend all formal sessions of the Classis of Schenectady throughout the year and report back to the President of Consistory at Niskayuna Reformed Church. Serve as a voting member of the Niskayuna Reformed Church at the Classis assemblies.


There are no regularly assigned annual duties.


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