NRC Committees Host Information Sunday

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The NRC Membership Committee sponsored the annual Information Sunday on October 28 to highlight the various committees that are such an important component of the life of our church.  Each committee displayed items related to their missions and had someone available to share information about what they do.  Taking place on the same date as the All Hallow’s Eve Sunday School Parade made for a busy morning of fun and fellowship.  Committees welcome new members to join in their efforts at any time – keep an eye out for meeting times and dates, or contact committee chairs or the church office with any further questions.

Committee                                                                        Chair(s)

Christian Education (incl. Nursery School)                     Trudy Lehner

Community & Parish Life                                                    Linda Gardner

Congregational Care (incl. WFG and Book Group)        Rick Mizenko/Barbara Valenti

Finance                                                                                    Alan Holmes

History & Archives                                                               Scott Haefner

Membership                                                                           Jim Tully

Mission & Service                                                                 Lizbeth Amorelli

Personnel                                                                               Chad Pezzano

Property  (incl. Safety)                                                        Ron Ricard/Dug Jackson

Stewardship                                                                          John Bennett

Worship (incl. Music)                                                         Joyce Anderson/Sharon Rice-Herbst



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