Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and preservation of all the physical structure of the Church campus. This includes the Historic Sanctuary, the two Parsonages, Fellowship Hall, the red barn, the roadways parking areas and walks, the sewer and storm drainage systems, the outdoor lighting systems, the playground equipment, snow and ice control, and anything else needed to provide and maintain a safe, sanitary, and attractive site for worship and mission.

In order to accomplish this there is an established cadre of tradesmen to provide technical assistance for most of the mechanical equipment. Members of the Church are often called to provide manpower to keep the campus neat and clean. If there are Members with a particular expertise they may be asked to assist in some of the maintenance of the Campus. There is a real potential for economy if these various talents can be utilized.

A substantial effort in maintaining the campus is provided by the Church Sexton. The Sexton provides the day-to-day care necessary to keep the Campus in working order.

In the case of emergencies the Chairman in consultation with the Sexton and the Vice President of the Consistory may choose to take immediate action to alleviate a critical situation.


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