Worship Committee

Mission Statement

The Worship Committee is responsible for the administration of the sacraments and all things pertaining to the worship service. The committee provides opportunities for worship, friendship, personal growth and service to others through the encouragement of God’s Spirit and the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

General Areas of Responsibility

The Worship Committee’s responsibilities include music, pulpit supply, ushers, greeters, chancel flowers, periodicals and booklets, as well as the preparation and presentation of the elements of the sacraments and the maintenance of the altar vestments and vessels. Communion servers are the responsibility of Consistory.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Ushers: Provide seating, pass out bulletins, answer questions, assist the elderly and handicapped, collect and safeguard the offering(s), give prayer cards to the minister, open doors and windows as necessary, take attendance, adjust lighting, welcome and escort guests and visitors, and remove bulletins, communion cups and debris from the pews after the service. Ushers are to assist and give aid in the event of an emergency – as required.
  • Greeters: Extend hospitality by greeting all who enter the church building for worship, and give aid as required.
  • Flowers: The Flower Coordinator will ensure there is a live-floral centerpiece on the altar and/or piano (or place a plastic centerpiece stored in the closet behind the organ). The Flower Coordinator will ensure the placement of a rosebud at the pulpit on days celebrating a birth. The Flower Coordinator will ensure the removal of all funeral floral arrangements not designated for display prior to the worship service.
  • Music: The Director of Music will ensure the availability of an organist or accompanist for each worship service and that the appropriate choirs are rehearsed . Working in cooperation with the Pastor and the Church Office Administrator, ensure the select ion of hymns and anthems are available and submitted for printing in the weekly bulletin. The organist will provide music for Sundays, holidays and special events as well as funerals and receptions as required.
  • Pulpit Supply: The Chairman of the Worship Committee, in cooperation with the Pastor and the Church Office Administrator will maintain a pulpit supply list, as necessary.


  • Ushers: No monthly duties
  • Greeters: No monthly duties
  • Flower Coordinator: No monthly duties
  • Communion Coordinator: In concert with the pastor and the Church Office Administrator, provide for the sacraments on designated Sundays. Purchase the bread and grape juice required for each service and type of distribution (intinction or formal distribution). Cut and prepare the bread. Pour the communion cups. Cover the communion table with clean communion table cloths which are maintained for that purpose. Arrange the communion elements of bread and juice on the communion table, as well as the chalice and pitcher for the minister. After the service, remove the sacramental elements and either send the table cloth out for dry cleaning or return it to a hanger in the choir robe closet in the church. Clean and store the communion vessels in the office kitchen cabinets.
  • Music: Through the Director of Music, ensure the rehearsal and preparation of the senior, junior, and bell choirs as necessary.


  • Ushers: The Usher Coordinator maintains the list of ushers and obtains new volunteers as necessary to ensure proper coverage throughout the year. The coordinator works with the Pastor and Church Office Administrator to provide enough ushers to cover for regular Sundays, holidays, and special events.
  • Greeters: The Greeter Coordinator maintains a list of greeters and obtains new volunteers as necessary to ensure proper coverage throughout the year. The coordinator works with the Pastor and Church Office Administrator to provide enough greeters to cover for regular Sundays, holidays, and special events.
  • Communion Coordinator: The Communion Coordinator maintains a calendar in cooperation with the Pastor and Church Office Administrator to be able to provide the communion elements necessary for the number and frequency of the celebration of the sacrament throughout the year.
  • Flower Coordinator: The Flower Coordinator maintains a calendar and list of donators and obtains new donators in cooperation with the Pastor and the Church Office Administrator throughout the year. The coordinator ensures that a live-flower arrangement or plastic stand-in is placed on the altar and/or piano as necessary for each Sunday service. The Flower Coordinator ensures the placement of a rosebud to celebrate birth arrivals as necessary.
  • Music Director: The Music Director in conjunction with the Pastor, Organist, Office Administrator, Bell Choir Director, and Youth Choir directors as well as the Senior Choir President meet to coordinate seasonal and annual activities on an adhoc basis. Typical meetings include preparation for new year in September, Christmas holiday schedule, Easter Holiday schedule, and any special events. They also submit the Music Budget to the Chairman of Worship and the Consistory for approval in October of each year.

Other Responsibilities

Provide someone to ring the church bell ten minutes prior to worship. Maintain a supply of worship periodicals in the narthex. Maintain and ensure the supply of prayer cards, pencils, candle fluid and lighters, visitor sign-in sheets, Christmas candles, choir robe cleaning, hymnals, and in cooperation with the Chairman of Property Committee, ensure the maintenance of the church bell.

NOTE: All group leaders maintain contact lists and provide instructions to their group of volunteers.


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