Coffee Hours in January

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The consistory and the Covid safety committee have been discussing what coffee hour should look like in January. Taking into consideration the historically lower attendance in January (unpredictable weather), the rapid rise in covid infections and re-infections (omicron variant), and perhaps most importantly that Scott Haefner and Linda Gardner (who have done 99.9% of the coffee hours recently) could use a break for a few weeks, we plan on taking a pause from coffee hour for January.

That being said, we also understand how important it is for many of you that connecting in casual conversation goes a long way in relieving much of the stress we are all feeling. Therefore, if you, as an individual, a family or a committee would like to sponsor a coffee hour (which includes set-up, providing treats and cleaning up afterward) please contact Suzi at to take a January date. If we get a coffee hour sponsor, we will announce when coffee hours take place – if we don’t, we will return to our regularly scheduled fellowship time in February. In the meantime… your conversations, greetings, stories, and jokes can continue on the Sunday and Wednesday ZOOM coffee hours. See the scheduled times and links below:

We have TWO coffee hour ZOOMS every week:

Wednesday morning at 10am

Sunday morning at 10:45am

The same link is for both:

If you use the link above, you shouldn’t need a passcode, but if you get asked, the passcode is 413853


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