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Please see the announcement from Schenectady County–

Dear Community Partner:

Schenectady County has recently been informed that Phase IB of the COVID-19 Vaccination distribution will include people 75 years of age and older. This phase could start as early as the second week in January. The purpose of this email is to identify those Schenectady County residents who are 75 years of age and older who are receiving this email: individuals and their family members, clients, constituents, residents of senior apartments and assisted living facilities, community based service providers, and others. This email is not to identify residents of skilled nursing facilities as the vaccination process has already started in those locations. I am asking you to identify those people 75 years of age and older who are interested in receiving the vaccine and to collect the following information:



Telephone Number

Date of Birth

Email address

If you are an individual 75 years of age and older who is responding to this email, you will need to have your own computer with email and internet access, as the process for registering for the vaccine is online. If you do not have your own computer equipment, perhaps there is a friend or relative who can assist you. At the time of the vaccination clinic, there will be a weblink that will need to be accessed.

If you are a senior residence, assisted living facility or other type of community based service provider responding on behalf of your residents, etc., if the people you serve have access to their own computer equipment as described above, that is preferred. If that equipment is not available on an individual level, I am asking the facility, apartment building, etc. to be able to provide the necessary computer access in order to be able to register those people.

Schenectady County, either this Department or the County Manager’s Office, will also need direct contact information for individuals who are registering on their own, as well as contact information for the residential buildings, assisted living facilities and other community based service organizations in order to communicate information as it becomes available. Please provide your name, organization, phone number and email address.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and safe 2021!


Cathryn Bern-Smith


Department of Senior & Long Term Care Services

107 Nott Terrace, Suite 305

Schenectady, NY  12308-3170


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