Finding God in the Kitchen

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Join our ongoing Bible Study series, “Seeing God in the Everyday,” on Mondays at 7:00 pm.  Our sixth session will be held on Monday, November 9 and the series will continue for another four weeks through December 7.

The members of the Churches Learning Change (CLC) Team (Lizbeth Amorelli, Jason Fulkerson, Jennifer Fulkerson, Trudy Lehner and Suzi O’Brien) are leading the discussions to explore how we can find God all around us in our everyday activities.  Yes, that includes working, shopping, cooking, laundry, sleeping, conversation, walking, playing … you get the idea.

The next session, to be led by Trudy Lehner, will take a look at finding God in the Kitchen and at the Table. Join us to explore how our rituals and gatherings at the kitchen table serve to keep us rooted.

For login information, please contact Trudy Lehner.


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