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Directions to access the Members’ Directory on the NRC Website

Step 1 –

Step 2 – Once in the website, scroll all the way to the bottom.  In the gray area, look at Quick Links (second column).  The last thing on the bottom of the list is Members area.  Click on that.

Step 3 – It will ask you to login.  You should use your username or email and Password.  If you don’t have your password, hit “lost password” and it will instruct you to get a new one.

Step 4 – Now that you are signed in, it will say Members.  In red, you will find Members directory; click on that.

Step 4A.  If nothing opens, right click on the Member Area icon and choose the first option – Open Link in a New Tab

Step 5 – Either a box will come up that says password, OR you might get a PDF icon that shows up at the bottom left of the screen which is labeled 73946564 church…pdf.  Click on that, then it will ask for the password

Enter PasswordDO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL PASSWORD – Everyone needs to type the following in either the box or the pdf:  password

Once you type the word password, hit Submit and the directory will come up.

The directory is for members only which is why it is secured.

If any member has address, phone number or email changes to update the directory please contact the Church Office to make those changes.

If you have any questions, please call the Church Office and someone will get back to you.


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