Update from COVID Safety Committee (CSC)

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All of us are aware of the changing Covid guidelines through the various media and from many experts. Our CSC has focused on the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and the changes they are making so we are taking action based on science and to avoid the confusion and controversy of following other guidelines which may be motivated by something other than science.

The CSC and Consistory are reviewing the published data on Covid guidelines on a regular basis and will update you as we go along. This update includes a reminder, current protocols in place, and a thank you.

First, a reminder that the basics of getting vaccinated, handwashing, wearing masks indoors, staying at home if you don’t feel well, using our hand  sanitizing stations, ventilating our rooms, and the multi-layer disinfection approaches we have taken have been successful over the past year and a half.  As a result and because personal hygiene overall has been improved across the nation, other infectious diseases, some seasonal like the flu, have a lessened significantly.

Currently wearing masks is required for all people vaccinated or not. We still live in a location with substantial or high Covid transmission. This will now include wearing masks to Coffee Hours in Fellowship Hall and pulling them down only when eating or drinking. Mask up when talking.

Notice the plexiglass barriers have been reinstalled in order for the choir members and guest musicians to perform without masks. At this time, if you wish to sing beneath your mask you may do so. No other changes in our policies are being made at this time and we are praying reinstituting more of the restrictive guidelines will not have to happen.

Lastly, thank you for your compassion and care for each other and for your understanding and


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