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Face masks
The members of  NRC’s Women’s Fellowship Group (WFG) have been working together with The MoonCatcher Project in Schenectady since early March to provide much-needed face masks to local organizations which haven’t been able to source these due to the critical shortage of PPE around the entire country.  The following update was provided from MoonCatcher on April 22:
Thanks to our 250+ volunteers, The MoonCatcher Project has provided over 3000 fabric face masks to our community.  For a list of organizations that have received masks so far click HERE
We continue to receive requests daily – so for now we are still sewing masks.  Do you or your friends sew?  Would you like a kit that contains cut fabric and elastic so that you can contribute masks?  Please fill out this form and we will get materials to you. 
For more information about the MoonCatcher Project, visit their website at http://www.mooncatcher.org/
To date, we at NRC have delivered 595 sets of mask materials for adults and 93 sets for children – for a total of 688 sets!!  That’s about 23% of what has been completed and delivered to organizations in and around our community!
Heartfelt thanks to each of you who has participated in this important project to help protect our neighbors in their most vulnerable moments.   There ARE angels among us!


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