September Mission News

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SiCM’s 3rd annual free fall festival is on Sunday September 18th from 12-2 at their 837 Albany Street site.  Fresh food, local farms, Stewart’s ice cream, crafts, community partners, tours.  Fun and fellowship abound.

The September collection for SiCM’s Food Pantry will focus on the youngest members of our community-babies and toddlers. Although designed to provide healthy food for local families, this Pantry is also a source of necessary items for healthy living.  We will be collecting diapers of all sizes and baby wipes to help out.  Items can be placed in the blue bins found in the Education Building, near the building entrance downstairs.

Our Mission of the Month Collection will benefit ShelterBox.  The mission of ShelterBox is to build awareness of global displacement and to facilitate providing families with life-saving shelter and essential tools and supplies that will enable them to rebuild their homes and transform their lives after disaster. Since 2000, ShelterBox has helped over 2 million people by providing emergency shelter following more than 300 disasters in nearly 100 counties.    Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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