New key fob system

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We have a new key fob system in place for the front glass doors.  This was mostly done at the request of TSL, our childcare that rents space from us.  TSL will be responsible for the cost of the system.  The system is mostly for TSL and some church staff.  This is an added security measure for the building. The glass doors are now locked and can be opened remotely.  You can always get out the door from the inside by manually opening it.  If you also buzz someone in with the monitor.  The monitor is located on the well near the tapestry.

Beginning this Sunday, August 7th, the glass door (the one closest to the monitor) will be programmed to automatically OPEN AND LOCK during our regular church hours on Sundays.  You may also request the same for a weekend/night meeting.

If you need to drop something off the church, please either use the green kitchen door, with a code.  If you do not have a code, you can gain access through the glass doors on Wednesday 8 am- 4pm.  On Wednesdays, press the church office button to reach the upstairs area.  On Tuesday & Thursday from 2-5pm and press the TSL button and they can let you in in.  This button is for the downstairs area.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate this new system.  As always, contact Ellen at with any questions.


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