Seeking God’s Face–Praying with the Bible through the Year

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In this New Year we are offering to you a new resource entitled, “Seeking God’s Face – Praying with the Bible through the year.”  It is a devotional book that we want to encourage you to use along with the whole congregation.  Each day’s reading includes a portion of a Psalm, a Bible Reading, some thoughts for dwelling in God’s presence, prayers, and a parting blessing.  These readings are for each day of the year, and we will use them to help shape our words for worship each Sunday.  We hope this resource will help you connect more deeply with God on a regular basis and help connect us as a congregation.  We have books available in the Narthex for you to please take one per family.  The books are free with a suggested donation of $20.00 for medium print, and $37.00 for large print (limited number available) to help cover the cost if you are able.  You can also obtain your own electronic copy on Kindle if you prefer at If all the books we currently have are claimed, we will have a sign-up sheet to get more as needed.



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