A Moment to Grieve

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Simply put, grief is hard. Much of our grief is due to losses in our life. The loss of a loved one, the loss of what we expected to happen, the loss of an experience, the loss of our normal routine. Over the past several months, the pandemic has caused us to lose many things. With those losses comes grief. It is okay, and even healthy, to grieve those losses.

Watch the video about grief through this link https://youtu.be/l2zLCCRT-nE

As the video indicates, we often do not engage with grief in the healthiest way.  I invite you to take some time today or this week to enter a time of grieving. Give yourself the space and permission to grieve the losses in your life. Here is an outline that may be helpful for you:

Opening Prayer – O God of comfort and love, help me to be open to grief, and acknowledge the losses in my life. May I be held in your loving embrace as I do this. Amen.

Read Psalm 42:1-5

Reflect on Losses – Speak the losses out loud if you need, write them down, listen to music, or do this silently

Read Matthew 11:28-30

Closing Prayer – O Creator and Mighty God, you have promised strength for the weak, rest for the laborers, light for the way, grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy, undying love. O Creator and Mighty God, help us to continue in your promise. Amen.


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