MoonCatcher Sewing Bee Helps Girls Stay in School

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The Women’s Fellowship Group hosted a “MoonCatcher Sewing Bee” from 7 – 9:00 pm on Tuesday, March 8.  Nearly fifty women from around the region, including twelve of our own, attended to work on the various phases of the project which is designed to provide reusable feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

The women came with scissors, straight pins, ironing boards, irons, sewing machines and sewing needles.  The organizers brought fabric and other supplies, as well as the know-how to put everyone to work in a variety of ways.

Girls in these underdeveloped areas often drop out of school when they reach puberty because they have no access to feminine hygiene products.  Educating girls is the most effective means of improving their lives and fostering economic development in developing countries.  The MoonCatcher project is a grassroots volunteer project that makes it possible for girls to stay in school.  Getting an education helps girls marry later, have fewer children at a later age, and thereby gain financial independence which helps themselves and their families.  The Mooncatcher project does not only provide these products, but also teaches the women and girls in these areas how to make them on their own.

Ellie von Wellsheim, the group founder and key organizer visited our Women’s Fellowship Group last October to provide an overview of the project and was pleased with our offer to host a “Bee” at NRC.  Many of the women remarked that our Fellowship Hall was the best host site they’ve had, with the ease of entry, large space, ample tables and chairs and available power outlets.  Sue Felpel provided refreshments that were much appreciated.

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