Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

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217 meals were served at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen on June 25, 2015.

12 lbs. of  macaroni/vegetable salad was cooked and prepared at church and transported to the Salvation Army. 368 hot dogs were cooked on Thursday morning and served with the macaroni salad, a cup of fruit, dessert and a beverage.

Thanks to the following volunteers who shopped, chopped, cooked, set-up, served, and cleaned up: Kathy Dzamba, Eileen Eldred, Gladys Hawthorne, John Lehner, Dorilee Male, Gary Male, Pat Nickel, Monica Tryon and Barbara Valenti.

To date, NRC is responsible for the following soup kitchen dates:  October 15, 2015, November 19, 2015, February 25, 2016, April 21, 2016 and June 16, 2016. A sign-up sheet for the event is located in the back of church prior to the event or call the church for more information.


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