Finance Committee

Mission Statement

To keep accurate financial records of the church. Report results to the church.

General Area of Responsibility

Providing financial reports to Consistory and congregation. Work closely with church Treasurer to ensure timely posting of receipts and disbursements of approved payments.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Touch base with church office or Treasurer as necessary


  • Prepare and report monthly financial reports to Consistory
  • Financials are distributed and reviewed; discuss at each meeting
  • Reporting to include balance sheet, income statement and reports on all fund balances
  • Require monthly report from Pastor of Deacon’s Fund


  • Finance Committee meeting. More frequently as needed.


  • Consult with various committees to discuss needs for upcoming year
  • Prepare Annual Budget

Other Responsibilities

  • Act as liaison with investment advisor; currently Hugh Johnson Advisors
  • Receive and review quarterly results of investment activity
  • Ensure that all accounts have appropriate signatories at bank(s) and investment company(s)


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