Technology Team

Mission Statement

The Technology Team serves at the discretion of the Consistory at Niskayuna Reformed Church. The mission of the Technology Team is to serve the church with honesty and professional integrity to ensure the technical needs of the church are met including (but not limited to) audio-visual needs, computerization, office equipment and communications (e.g. telephone, webpage, social media).

General Areas of Responsibility

Consult and advise Consistory on the selection, pricing, installation and updating of all items of hardware, software and firmware, in the operation and maintenance of audio/visual equipment, sound system, office computers and peripheral equipment, network hardware, modems, routers, and cabling, selection of services, webpage design and maintenance.

Specific Responsibilities

Members of the Technology Team act in a consulting and advisory capacity to the Consistory at Niskayuna Reformed Church in the following way:

  1. Maintain a technology team of members who are technically competent and understand and represent the church’s interests.
  2. They advise, recommend, and select technical professionals, as required, iorder to meet the needs of the church.
  3. Search out competitive pricing on technology equipment and software and make recommendations for purchase to the Consistory.
  4. Ensure that any required training in the use of specific equipment or software is available.
  5. Meet with the congregation as required to explain the use and/or benefits of proposed hardware, software, webpage, social media solutions.
  6. Reach out to hardware and software vendors for information and pricing.
  7. Interpret vendor-supplied information for the benefit of the Consistory and congregation.
  8. Propose and assist in the planning of hardware, software, and webpage activation, installation, and cut-over.
  9. Review equipment, software, firmware, and network equipment if and when donated, and ensure proper licensing requirements are met.
  10. Provide a vehicle, plan, and means for backing up critical church-related information (e.g. records, demographic information, donations, events).
  11. Plan for and establish standard applications for the conduct of church business including, but not limited to:
    1. Operating system
    2. Office Productivity Software – word processing, spreadsheet, database software.
    3. Anti-virus protection
    4. Congregation Management Software including financial software for accounting and bookkeeping services (including check writing, summary balance statements, and auditing), and offering records, and demographic information.
    5. Networking activities
    6. Webpage and social media


No specific weekly responsibilities


No specific monthly responsibilities


Review the state of the Technology in use at Niskayuna Reformed Church and make recommendations.


Serve in an ad-hoc basis to sustain the technology interests of the church throughout the year.


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