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Hidden in Plain Sight – the NRC Library

Have you ever noticed the row of shelving along the wall of the main hall on the lower level of the NRC Education Building? Long a dream for NRC, space was included for a Church Library in the plans for the new Education Building that was completed in 2005! 

For many years now, members and families have enjoyed browsing the shelves to find books of interest to them. On the shelves you will find books of entertaining fiction and non-fiction, inspiration, humor and poetry…even a few DVDs and music CDs. Noted authors have written about our human problems and concerns and may help during difficult times. There are stories for children, as well as bible stories to reinforce those Sunday School messages. 

We have created a list of library holdings and are glad to share this file with you! You may either take a look at the list that is posted by the library, or request an electronic copy of the list from the Church Office (  or 518-785-5575). 

We’re very grateful to the many people who have been kind enough to donate books of interest over the years. We welcome you to consider the library whenever you might have excess reading material or media that would be a good match for our audience, or if you have a suggestion for a title that would make a good addition to our collection. We also welcome you to consider making a monetary contribution to the church’s Library Fund that will allow for the purchase of new materials to enhance the collection. Please contact the church office for more details about that. 

Watch for more information about activities related to our Library, but on your next visit to the Education Building, please be sure to stop at the Library and browse the shelves for something that interests you! Also watch for an occasional information table at the Library during the after-worship Coffee Hours. We’d be happy to help you find something of interest, accept your donations, or answer any questions you might have. 



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