Gratitude Circle To Begin New Study

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The NRC Women’s Gratitude Circle completed its discussion series on Gratitude at the August 24 meeting.  The group formed after the 2014 Women’s Retreat titled, “Cultivating a Life of Gratitude,” to continue to explore the topic together while discussing the book, “Living Life as a Thank You – The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude,” by Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons.

Beginning at 7:00 PM on October 19, and each third Monday of the month thereafter, the group’s focus will turn to a study of the women of the Bible, beginning with the Old Testament.  The Gladys Hunt book, “Women of the Old Testament” will serve as the discussion guide.  “They were ordinary people. Most would not make headlines in any other history book but God’s. Yet the women of the Old Testament made critical choices that led to extraordinary results. Through faith and strong character they rescued their families, led people out of bondage, gave birth to kings and saved a nation. Each one demonstrates the far-reaching consequences of everyday actions.”

We welcome you to join our group.  For more information and to request a copy of the book, please contact Trudy Lehner.


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