Schenectady Inner City Mission (SICM) Summer Lunch Program

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NRC participated in the city-wide Summer Lunch Program the week of July 5-9th serving at Wallingford Park, in the Mont Pleasant section of Schenectady.  NRC volunteers stuffed bags with vegetables, fruits, juice, milk and a snack, and then helped SICM staff distributed them with main courses such as chicken nuggets, pizza and hot dogs. The total number of children and youth served during the four days was between 40-70 each day.
Hoola hoops, bubbles, side-walk chalk, jump ropes, balls and a never ending supply of books were supplied by NRC and were available for children and youth participating in the program.
The SICM Summer Lunch Program is in its 22nd year and in 2015 served over 7,500 meals during the 10-week program. Meals are served at 27 lunch sites (parks, churches, schools and library) throughout the city of Schenectady.
A HUGE thank you to all NRC volunteers! The next week NRC is responsible for serving is August 1-5th. If you are able to help, please call Monica Tryon at 377-6179.


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